Patio Door Curtains – The Better Choice?

door curtains curtains large view draperies for sliding glass Patio Door Curtains
door curtains curtains large view draperies for sliding glass Patio Door Curtains

For some people I will and now be playing adversary’s supporter. I’m a fan of curtains and also blinds, but also for debate benefit, allow’s presume I go with curtains over blinds. Why should this be a good idea? I’ll provide you 4 factors:

Personality and Course

Although blinds does do a great work in including that bit extra to your area, curtains tend to give that ‘X’ aspect. Considering the fact that curtains are available in all kind of colours and designs, as a decorator you have a great deal to have fun with to spruce up your space. With just the smallest difference in style, door curtains can drastically alter the appearance of a space.

Flexibilty as well as installation

Talk about altering the personality of your space. Allow’s face it, curtains are not costly. As a house designer you could essentially acquire 4 different curtain sets and alternating in between them at different times in the year. In other words, with little effort you have the versatility to alter your room quickly for various periods. Heck, who needs a period for a factor – just change it!

And do not fret about altering your curtains being a huge household job. This can essentially be carried out in 10 mins flat. Testament again of just how wonderful curtains are to work with.


Some designers tend to concentrate their attention on the decorative characteristics of any given home window treatment rather than its other sensible advantages such as insulation. There is obviously a great situation to be made for this, yet let’s presume for a second that insulation is an element. Patio door curtains do an excellent work in this regard, and it does an even better job if you opt for thicker products.


If you’re anything like many customers, possibilities are you will be aiming to save a little money in the process. The emphasis really as constantly should get on acquiring quality accessories that will certainly last you for many years, however usually speaking, patio door curtains require less of a continuous financial commitment rather than blinds. As discussed over, this depends mainly on the top quality you buy, so see to it to buy to the right things from the start.

These are simply 4 reasons you as a house owner prefer to sell for curtains compared to blinds. A lot of it depends upon just how much cash you need to spend, what the basic style of the rest of your house is, along with your personal choices. Both have benefits, both have disadvantages, but when it’s all claimed and also done, patio door curtains (masterfully included) can do marvels in attaining your decorating goals.