Outdoor Patio Tables and Chairs – How to Choose the Right Set for Your Patio

outdoor patio table and chairs localhandymanmesa home design Outdoor Patio Tables and Chairs
outdoor patio table and chairs localhandymanmesa home design Outdoor Patio Tables and Chairs

While buying outdoor patio tables and chairs might appear simple, you will quickly discover that it’s not as simple as going to your neighborhood home improvement shop and choosing a set you like. The truth is, not all outdoor furniture is created equally. Before you buy, you should set aside some time to decide what functions you will need and want the furniture to fulfill. Once you have selected the right furniture for your patio and are providing the proper care, you will enjoy years of use from your outdoor furniture.

One of the things you must decide before making your purchase is how you will use the patio space. Will you use it often? Will it be mainly a seating area for guest to enjoy the outdoors, or a gathering place for family fun and games? Or will you use it to enjoy regular outdoor meals? Do you have kids or pets that will use the furniture?

If you’re planning to have frequent outdoor dining on your patio, consider if the meals will be just for you and your family or if you will be entertaining larger groups of family and friends. Once you have made these determinations you will be able to select the right size table set for the number of people you expect to regularly dine on the patio.

30-36 inch table = 2 people

38-48 inch table = 4 people

54-60 inch table = 4-6 people

72-80 inch table = 6-10 people

You can also select outdoor patio tables and chairs that are bar height for an air of informal fun. Bar table sets are typically smaller than other tables and will seat 2-4 guests comfortably.

After you have chosen the table size you can choose the material it will be made of. Patio furniture can be found in all types of material including wood, wicker, and metal choices. Natural fiber wicker furniture, while beautiful probably won’t be a good match for your needs if you have children, pets or plan to subject the furniture to heavy duty usage. You can still choose wicker thanks to the new resin wicker patio furniture. Resin has the look of wicker but is very durable and will withstand severe weather, the abuse of little children, and heavy duty use.